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Jan 1, 2013 9:30pm EST
. >> i know you've heard this my times, but i loved your show on cnn that you had a few years ago. why did you decide to play the straight man? [inaudible] who are putting a deal together for hbo and john kline was the president, john kline, the president of cnn. they said we'll put you on tv right now. i was overwhelmed because it was the first time i didn't know what i was supposed to be. and a precipice to be a news journalist. at some point i found out that i was just supposed to be in the end it was like landing in russia. it was a total culture shock, but i learned a lot about myself and i learned a lot i think about people and their consumption of news. it was fun that would shape the way i started to see things. [inaudible conversations] >> no you don't. >> on the topic of wealth and qatar, do you think we have this level of wealth that americans would still have a thirst for learning? i feel like that is something that is missing from our society. >> there's never been a society more wealthy. there's also never been a generation less curious. i think we have been consumed. we
Jan 20, 2013 10:00pm EST
for those who had cast the numbers had less attention. one hill over cnn team watched rescuers trying to free an 11 year-old girl. sheet they could reach her but did not have the equipment to dig her out. they debated to sever her leg but the invitation would kill her with no blood. he said on a neighboring hill there is a posh hotel with dozens of american and french in chile and rescuers trying to work one who is trapped by the screaming stopped them cold it took the rest of the day to pull the girl out. she died of injuries two days later. most foreign rescuers without clear orders were to go. the haitian government had no reporting mechanism and no formal coordination between international organizations or the u.s. task force. for officials knew the un headquarters that one own men was hundreds of those that were buried. with the language barriers, security concerns and curfews and those were based on civil unrest. it provided a much-needed uplift. miracles would float some hope but the luxury hotel and high and a supermarket was with the broadcast around the world and then they k
Jan 1, 2013 8:15pm EST
and supports those who'd do the same. and a widely hailed message written for he presented a call to action, imploring parents to become active participants in changing the reading habits of their kids. on a personal note, when we receive the news that james patterson would be with us at the miami book fair this year, i was more than thrilled. but i was also not surprised that his primary reason for coming was not to promote his books, but instead he wanted to make this session celebrating the notion of family reading. that is what we are going to do this morning. mr. patterson is going to come out and say some words and then we are going to sit down and engage in a bit of a conversation but then we are also going to take questions from the audience so i hope you all have those wheels spinning and start thinking about some questions that you might have. if you're young, don't be intimidated. come right on the as i know you'd love to hear lessons from you too. please give a really, really warm, warm miami and miami book fair welcome to mr. james patterson. [applause] [applause] >>
Jan 20, 2013 1:25pm EST
between cnn, fox, and msnbc, partly because i want to hear what's happening and also because i want to hear how they're spinning it, what their views are. probably by the time i get home atneath i already know the major stories because i'm getting e-mail blogs from friends or i'm connected to various web sites that will present breaking news as it comes. i will turn my view -- my views tend to be on the more progressive side so i'll reading thises like slate or the huffington post. what i think i do, even if i try to separate the parts i do because i'm an academic, and that i do as a citizen -- is kind of what we suggest in the book, which i think we need to be news grazers. we need to sample from different sources. i should add in that list the daily show. i'm a regular viewer of the daily show. >> host: what's the important of the daily show in your view? >> guest: i think right now the daily show, and to a somewhat lesser extent the core rather report speak truth to power and do a great job highlighting the important issue office the day and critiqueing both journalist and the po
Jan 21, 2013 11:15pm EST
of obama and the nation next. cnn improved security and economic climate. after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest the campbell should not be taken, simply that history playing with politics might give us pause. so what does history project about a second term for barack obama? where he reelect it was so few president having success at that time in office. what are the challenges that face those who had trouble or failed second term and what allowed others to succeed and can barack obama overcome these challenges if he's reelected to become a member of the select group of presidents that waited through the quagmire of the second term and somehow came through relatively unscathed. success in the second term does not imply there were not failures are significant stumbles. some even severe during my tenure. that do not impact how to be the fulfillment of a significant number of the following measures of success. first, the president must provide defense against foreign or domestic dress. secondly, the president must retain or expand economic, political or social opportu
Jan 1, 2013 2:15am EST
should begin that as quickly as we can. and i read that cnn.calm piece that she wrote and i was really inspired by it as a bookseller because their missions are very similar to create the next generation of readers. you gave some tips to some parents, but is there a way to oil them down to three import things they can remember? we read in our house could be one. what other tips my parents get? >> is just kind of anything goes. if you go and read, you'll see a lot of parents. like i don't mind if my kid stays up later if they are reading. that's okay, yeah, they read till 11:00, so be it. there's worse things to do in life than not. .. >> i think you can hold them through 11 and 12. that's when it gets tricky with boys. at least if they read well, there's hope. they may pick it up later. they may get distracted. some don't, but a lot do. the key thing is they develop the ability to read pretty well. >> i also know through your work on this whole reading initiative that you have -- i know there's teachers out there as well, and that you have -- >> it's not the schools. >> exactly. [laugh
Jan 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
bandwagon hats back on for another right. on february 21st, 2011. on cnn gts offered a bet that the reigning regime will not be there in a year's time, close quote. two days later and foreign policy, hillary and i took stairstep a nice feature. i recognize the notion that two former u.s. government officials turn university professors betting george soros and anything made an absurd, but that's what we did. we given that not only with the islamic republic still beat the rams government and a year's time, but the balance of influence and power in the middle east to be tilted even further in the favor. almost two years since iris made his feature as they were eager to collect on it. later in 2011, the back-and-forth between ayatollah khomeini, the islamic republic later and president ahmadinejad over the resignation reinstatement of the intelligence minister and other issues. the same cast of iran expert on mainstream media gave developments overblown, even hysterical treatment portraying them as unprecedented signs of an insecure regime. such analyses revealed the very least lamentable ignora
Jan 2, 2013 2:00am EST
of his work can be seen in the 24 part cnn television series cold war. a graduate of universal -- yale university, class of, can you help me, i was missing that detail. mr. evans, his book blacklisted by history the untold story of senator joe mccarthy and his fight against america's enemies gives an account of the age of mccarthyism during the cold war. evans has been the recipients of honorary doctorates from institutions like syracuse university and the john marshall law school and has won accuracy in media irvine award for excellence in journalism. join me in welcoming our panelists. [applause] [applause] >> lee, would you like to start? >> it is such a pleasure and honor to be here. once again i was flattered to be asked to participate in the first seminar last year i didn't do too badly. i see some good friends out here and also some people i admire including if senator jim buckley. he deserve a round of applause. let us begin with a paradox. whitaker chambers. whitaker chambers was a soviet spy who became in bill buckley's words, the most important american defector from communi
Jan 26, 2013 3:00pm EST
and offices with easily ghastly numbers inside god more attention. two days after the quake cnn's ivan watson watch the team of haitian rescue runs try to free an 11-year-old girl whose legs were penned under the concrete. it could reach her but they didn't have equipment to take her out. tiberi child her sunlit rates with powdered concrete whales when severing her leg. without blood for transfusion the invitation could kill her. watson his voice shaking told the anchor in atlanta on a neighboring hill there's a hotel a posh hotel a lot of foreigners were staying at. there were dozens of american french and chilean rescuers they're working to rescue at least one woman named sarah who is trapped but then another heartrending heartrending scream in the rubble stop them cold. even with international attention now on her took the rest of the day to find a generator and a power saw to pull the girl out. she died of her injuries two days later. there are many reasons for this disparity. most foreign rescuers arrived without clear orders where to go. the haitian government had no formal coordination
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
appearing on cnn's gps offered a bet that, quote: the iranian regime will not be there in a year's time. closed quote. two days later in foreign policy, hillary and i took soros up on his wager. now, i recognize the notion of two former u.s. government officials turned university professors betting george soros on anything might seem a tad absurd, but that's what we did. we even bet that not only would the islamic republic still be iran's government in a year's time, but that the balance of influence and power in the middle east would be tilted even further in its favor. almost two years have elapsed since soros made his wager. i have to say we're pretty eager to collect on it. [laughter] later in 2011 western analysts focused on the back and forth between ayatollah khamenei, the islamic republic's supreme leader, and president ahmadinejad over the resignation and reinstatement of the intelligence minister and other issues. the same cast of iran experts, mainstream media gave these developments overblown, even hysterical treatment, portraying them as, quote: unprecedented finds of an in
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
and cnn fact if you have time tonight, if you go to youtube and click into the box, john wayne beats up commies, you will get the final scene of big jim mcclain and you can watch it. it's truly an enjoyable moment. the storyline of big jim mcclain which comes out during this time the election is kind of heating up and by the way john wayne is a political character. is very big in reelecting mccarthy movement. he is often asked after the tend -- convention, what do you think about the ticket and mccarthy says perfectly, i think dick nixon moment to find vice president. no mention of eisenhower because he doesn't really like eisenhower and doesn't fill comfortable with eisenhower. that is the person that wayne is the biggest and supporter. dick jim mcclain comes in 1950 to come the story of a tough guy, big jim and constantly member -- mentions that his six feet three inches on many occasions. he is working for the house un-american activities committee, big jim and big jim goes out to hawaii to break up a communist spy ring mostly made up of doctors in hawaii. in and what he does is defi
Jan 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
and belies what complete hypocrisy the war on women is. a former cnn anchor had a great piece about how paternalistic the president and the administration are towards women. he said, he makes reference to how women are smarter than men. it's all so tired, that kind of fake praise showered upon ones who those think are easy to impress. he said he is having a hard time connecting with tens of millions of americans, many who are are losing hope. they are employing a tone that come across as grading and condescending. i love this part. most women don't want to be patted on the head or treated as wards of the state. they want a chance to succeed based on talents and skills. isn't that so, so true? yet, we are being treated as though we are wards of the state or we should be. the life of julia on president obama's website. the notion, and, by the way, it was not the life of bob. please, take that into account. it was the life of julia to suggest that women in particular need the hand of government from cradle to grave, reaching down and helping us so that we can achieve some level of happines
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am EST
? >> there was an ad in craigslist and that's not the case. right place right time. a friend of mine was working at cnn as a documentary producer. that's kind of a more normal path into politics. as much as i was interested i was a filmmaker. not first and foremost on anyone's list. she knew i was passionate and water to get involved and brought me. i headed off with the senator and started traveling inside the bubble. >> how long did you do it? was a 24/7 for a while? >> you know, essentially on the campaign it really felt like 24/7. i was technically living in chicago but i was there about two or three days a month. so it was pretty 24/7 budget scale back a bit at the white house because the president is someone who values things like having dinner with his daughters and family. at around dinnertime usually i could have really -- he would go off to do damage stuff and i would do the same. >> who has all the video? >> all the video is that the white house. it all goes into the archives, where none of it is allowed to be a race. according to presidential records act, anything has to be reserved for pro
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
was working at cnn as a documentary producer. that's a more normal path into politics, as much as i was interested, i was a fiction filmmaker, not first on anyone's list. she knew i was passionate about politics and wanted to get involved, brought me in, and then i hit it off with the senator and traveled, you know, inside the bubble. >> how long did you do anything? was it 24/7 for you for awhile? >> you know, especially in -- on the campaign, it really felt like 24/7. i was living in chicago, but i was there two or three days a month. it was pretty 24/7, but it's scaled back at the white house because the president is really someone who values having dinner with daughters and family, and so at dinner time, usually, a reasonable chance he would do family stuff. >> who has all the video? >> all the video is at the white house. it's interesting because it goes into the archives where none of it is allowed to be erased according to the presidential records act, anything done service to the president has to preserved for posterity. if he swears by accident or it's out of focus, all of
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)